Stay Beautiful and Save Money!

Your beauty regimen does not have to break the bank.

By FamilyTime


Expensive makeup and beauty products are like the sirens of old, luring us with seductive songs. But just as sailors smashed into the rocks in search of imagined mermaids, your bank account could crash and burn if you give into temptation.

Sure, expensive cosmetics and body-care products are glorious but they are not necessary much of the time. Here are a few tips to help you stay looking your glamorous best while keeping dollars in your wallet.


Unless you have extremely oily hair, there is no reason to shampoo every day, or even every other day. This is especially true for color-treated hair, which benefits from less frequent washes.

Your hair will be easier to style—particularly for updos—if you wait a day or two after washing. Clips and pins slip right out of super clean hair so plan ahead when you know you will want to try something snazzy.

Only squeeze a little shampoo in the palm of your hand when shampooing. No need for gobs, even if you have very long and thick hair. A tablespoon or two will easily do the trick. Ditto for conditioner.

If you have a collection of shampoos and conditioners with just a dab or two left, combine them for super shampoos and conditioners.

When you buy these products, go for the largest bottles available. You can transfer the liquid to smaller, more manageable containers (a funnel works well), but with the giant bottles, you will save money every time.

And if your bangs start to look shaggy between cuts, your stylist may very well give you a free or low-priced trim. Ask about his or her policy next time you get your hair cut.

Face and Body

Don’t waste money on body washes; go for bar soap instead. Not only is it far more cost effective, you are doing something good for the planet by avoiding yet another plastic container.

A clean face is a happy face. Your skin stays fresh looking and you are far less apt to break out. Makeup is easier to apply when your face is clean and moisturized, and stays in place better, too.

This does not mean you should spend a king’s ransom on face cleansers and moisturizers. Many of the products sold at the drugstore or supermarket are great. Buy a reputable brand of a simple, gentle cleanser. Same for a face cream. (Word of warning: While moisturizers designed for the rest of the body do the trick on your face in a pinch, it’s good practice to use a richer one formulated for the face.)

Always remove makeup before bed and then wash and moisturize your face. Vaseline is a great way to gently wipe away eye makeup and then lubricate your lips and even very chapped hands. Another inexpensive product that removes makeup in a nano-second is tear-proof baby shampoo. Both these products come in large containers and cost very little.


You probably have a jumble of expensive products and drugstore brands in your makeup kit—and that’s fine. Many of the less costly ones do just as good a job as those priced in the stratosphere.

Regardless, preserve your makeup by capping it tightly between uses. Nothing spoils and dries it faster than air, so take advantage of the packaging.

If your mascara is drying up, extend its life a little by sitting the case in a glass of warm water or heating it with a hair dryer.

If you have a number of nubby lipsticks, dig out the various nibs and melt them together in the microwave. When they are warm and soft, mush the colors together and then transfer to a small metal container (a used-up makeup vessel). Presto! Your own tinted lip balm.

Makeup brushes are great for applying color to your eyes and cheeks, but they are expensive. Try paintbrushes from a local craft store instead. They are far cheaper and work just as well.

To extend their lives and keep them safe, wash your brushes weekly with gentle soap and running water.

Only you can decide when a splurge works best. You may love expensive lipstick or believe a certain face wash works wonders on your skin. On the other hand, modestly priced mascara and bargain shampoo may do the trick for you.

Decide what works best for you, your budget, and your family. You may be surprised at how much money you can save with a little common sense!