Kid-Sized Wreaths

These miniature wreaths are easy to find, easy to decorate, fun to make, and satisfying to give as presents.

By Barbara Albright

 Making these small wreaths truly is an activity that kids from "twos to teens" will enjoy. Even the adults in the household will want to create a wreath or two!

The Equipment
Start with inexpensive grape-vine wreath forms. These are sold at most craft stores and novelty shops. We used wreaths that measured about five inches in diameter. You can choose smaller or larger ones.

Novelty shops and craft stores also stock small trinkets and decorations such as the wooden stars we show here. Doll house shops are also good places to buy decorations.

Rummage through old jewelry boxes and "junk" drawers for tiny items that might make the wreaths festive.

Stock up on glue, lightweight wire, ribbons, seasonal trinkets, and beads. Buy colorful, coated jumbo paperclips to serve as hangers.

Use bright red or green ribbon, shiny gold or silver cords, or raffia to form loops for hanging, if you prefer it to a paperclip.

For some decorating tasks, a glue gun will be most efficient. Supervise its use - these get very hot.

Start Decorating!
Your imagination will lead you once you begin making these wreaths.

Small children will want to string beads or buttons on wire - twist the ends to keep the beads from slipping. The strands are easily wrapped around the wreaths.

For a wreath that measures five inches in diameter, you will need a piece of wire that is about 24 inches long. Make sure the beads have holes large enough for easy stringing.

Paint small wooden shapes with gold or silver paint and decorate them with glitter.

If you have a dollhouse, buy a few very small wreath forms and make a wreath for the front door and over the fireplace.

Themed Wreaths
Anyone with a hobby may want to make a wreath with a theme. For example, sports fans, fishermen, cooks, and artists can festoon their wreaths with representative trinkets.

Themed wreaths make great presents. Grandmothers, teachers, neighbors…anyone! will love these.

Here are some ideas for decorations:

  • Cardboard cut-outs of sports stars.
  • Tiny footballs or basketballs.
  • Miniature basketball hoops.
  • Fishing flies.
  • Plastic fish.
  • Dried bunches of herbs.
  • Small dried chili peppers
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Dollhouse-sized pots and pans.
  • Tiny paint brushes.
  • An artist's palette cut from balsa wood
  • Small Christmas balls.
  • Mistletoe.
  • Holly leaves.
  • Shiny cut-out stars
  • Miniature candy canes.