Pool Time!

An above-ground pool is the way to go for family fun.

By FamilyTime


Summer is nearly here and your kids are clamoring for a pool! Please, please, please, they insist.

You can buy them memberships to the local town pool, become “best friends” with the pool-owning family down the street, or you can bite the bullet and buy a pool.

Inground pools are lovely but not everyone wants or can afford one. The other option is an above-ground pool. These gigantic tubs in the backyard, filled with sparkling aqua water, entice children and adults alike during hot summer days and evenings. Splashing in them in provides hours of family fun as it cools everyone down. The pool also is the focal point for easy summer entertaining and family cookouts.

Above-Ground or Inground?

Cost is a driving force for many families and when they consider that inground pools cost approximately 10 times more than above-ground pools, the latter makes perfect sense. Additionally, many municipalities don’t tax above-ground pools as they are not considered permanent structures.

Above-ground pools are far faster to install. Most people can do it themselves with help from three or four willing friends. Installation takes no longer than a weekend. If you prefer that the pool company install the pool, it may take only a day — although it will cost a little more than doing it yourself.

If you have a small yard, an above-ground pool will fit comfortably and leave you some lawn for other leisure-time activities and a garden. If the idea of getting a back hoe into your yard to dig a hole for an inground pool is out of the question, you can still install an above-ground pool.

These pools are smaller and easier to maintain than inground pools, too, which adds to their appeal. And because you don’t need as many chemicals, long-term maintenance is not as expensive, either.

All pools should be enclosed in a fenced yard — and most towns stipulate this. This is for safety, so that stray children, dogs, and other creatures don’t wander onto your property and fall into the pool. An above-ground pool has the added benefit of being difficult to access if you remove the pool ladder.

Making the Pool Attractive

There is no reason your above-ground pool cannot add beauty to the backyard. As already stated, the shimmering blue water alone is a visual draw.

Nowadays, there are a number of materials for the outside of the pool that come in a variety of colors and finishes so that you can choose the one that best suits your taste. Most above-ground pools are designed so that it’s an easy task to enclose them with decking, as well.

You will want to surround a pool that is not decked with a border of sand, granite, or a carefully-planted garden. This way, the side of the pool will not be subject to being nicked by the lawnmower or weed whacker, and there will be less chance of dirt getting in the filter and pump.

If you decide on a garden, plant small rose bushes, begonias, impatiens and dwarf evergreens, all plants with small root systems that will not invade the pool. Check with a local garden shop for more ideas. Otherwise, arrange colorfully planted pots around the base of the pool.

Want a pool? Go for it! And enjoy the summer fun to come.