Make the Backyard Pool Extra Inviting

Bright flowers and pretty cushions make the pool area irrisitible!

By FamilyTime


When the weather is hot, any pool looks inviting. Yet, if your pool area is carefully landscaped and furnished, it will be become a space where your family will spend a lot of quality time. 

Much of the attraction of a pool area lies in the landscaping. If you take the time to plant flowers and greenery near the pool and then determine to keep the gardens weeded and tended, your poolside will be lovely.

Take care when you buy and arrange pool furniture. While it does not have to match, it should be complementary. Furniture should be in good shape and made of material that can withstand sun and rain.

Plant colorful annuals and perennials in flower beds, interspersed with greenery. Mulch well around the plantings to keep weeds at bay and make the area look neat and tidy.

Position decorative rocks or garden ornaments in the garden. Keep these to a minimum so that their impact will be subtle but assured. Too many can look tacky.

Fill large planters with bright annuals such as impaciens and petunias. Fill in with verbena and other vines that trail down the sides of the planters. Geraniums love sun and do well by pools, too.

Position the planters around the pool in areas where they can be seen but won’t get in the way of swimmers climbing out of the pool or sun bathers.

Plant climbing plants such as honeysuckle, lemon lace vine, and trumpet creeper on the fence surrounding the pool. These are easy to care for and with a little training (positioning along the fence and tying if necessary), will grow decoratively and provide a pretty backdrop.

Ground cover in shady areas works well and keeps the pool area green and attractive.

If you have the budget for new furniture, buy it from a reputable dealer who can advise you on the right material for outdoor use.

Keep your furniture is in good repair. Buy colorful new cushions to spruce it up. Make sure the new cushions blend with existing ones. Many cushions are waterproof but all will fade eventually in the sun.

Position chaises and similar chairs so that they get the sun. Put a few small tables for drinks and books near the chaises.

Arrange the outdoor eating table and chairs in a shady area, or top the table with an umbrella.

Put the table near the grill or door to the house to make it easy to serve meals.

Be sure to buy a large bin to store cushions and flotation devices and toys when you go away or are not using the pool. Many of these storage trunks are quite attractive and unobtrusive.

Once you arrange the furniture and plant the flowers, you will want to spend all your time by the pool. And so will your kids and neighbors. Get ready for a fun-filled summer!