Take Charge of Your Photographs

They provide precious memories -- so why are your family photos hidden away on your computer or stashed in old shoe boxes?

By FamilyTime


Organizing your family photographs may seem like an overwhelming task but it is one that will lead you down memory lane in the best way.

Set aside a weekend, a few evenings, or some other blocks of time and indulge yourself in happy times.

Out with the Bad
Once you come to terms with the idea that not every photograph is sacred, the job of getting them in order will be far easier.

Delete or toss pictures of people you don't know, as well as any duplicates. Get rid of pictures that make your loved ones look awkward or (dare we suggest?) homely!

Keep the photos that are clear and in good condition. Keep those that are commemorate events, vacations, and holidays you want to remember.

As you come across them, give away some photos to friends and family members.

Avoid sentimentality. Quality is far more important than quantity in most instances.

Storage and Display
Digital photos should be organized into accessible on-line albums. Or, if you prefer, print them to mount in albums.

Digital or film photos can be slipped into albums, stored in archival boxes, or put into frames. The frames might have multiple windows, allowing you to create a photo collage.

For fine photographs or any that are especially dear, look into acid-free, archival-quality storage sleeves or boxes.

Be Creative
While you can simply slip photographs into the plastic sleeves in album after album, if you develop a system, they will be more fun to view.

Decide to arrange them by year, event, trip, or person. Or a combination of any of these. For instance, it might be fun to put Christmas pictures together in several albums, or make a family vacation album that spans several years.

You might want to put together an album for each baby, to keep as a special keepsake for that child.

If you have relevant mementos, slip them into the albums, too. These might be airline ticket stubs to a faraway destination, a birth announcement, or a program from a school play.