Protect Your Home and Its Contents

Take careful inventory of your valuable possessions and enjoy peace of mind.

By FamilyTime


Take advantage of the energy of the spring season to upgrade your property records. You will be glad you have if there's a catastrophe such as a fire, flood, burglary, divorce or death.

When your records are properly maintained records, you can:

  • Prove ownership.
  • Furnish documentation if original records are lost.
  • Easily document claims for insurance. (Check with your insurance company to see what information you need for documentation.)
  • Make quick decisions in times of emergency.
  • Have information available in case of divorce or death.
  • Reduce stress levels in the event of loss, damage, or destruction.

To Take Inventory
Working room by room, record as much information as you can about every possession of any value. Don't forget basements, attics and garages. Use a camera or video camera and a large notebook for keeping track.

You can do this alone, with a friend or family member, or hire someone to do it.

  • Write down a brief description of each piece, including the manufacturer's name, model number, serial number, and (if possible) the name of the store where you purchased it.
  • Record the purchase date and warranty for every item. Make note of the purchase date, price, and warranty expiration date.
  • Make a record of jewelry and other valuable possessions, such as furniture, artwork, and appliances.
  • Jewelry with any value should also be appraised by a reputable jeweler or appraisers who will give you a certificate of authenticity.
  • Photograph or video tape everything.


Safe Keeping
Keep the information from the inventory in a safe place, including copies of all computer records, video tapes, and photographs. The best choice is a locked fire-and-water proof safe or a safe deposit box at a bank.

After taking the initial inventory, keep a folder for receipts of any additional large or valuable purchases. Once or twice a year, review the existing information and update it. Do not forget to delete the records of any items you have discarded or sold.


Once you take these measures, plan to repeat them every few  years.  You'll sleep better!