Grilled Cheese Please!

The All-American sandwich! Hot and gooey, a grilled cheese sandwich is the perfect lunch or snack for hungry kids.

By FamilyTime

 What's not to like in a grilled cheese sandwich? The sandwiches are simple to make and fun to eat -- here are few ideas to make them more adventurous.

The Classic!
The classic grilled cheese sandwich is made with two slices of white bread and American cheese. The sandwich is toasted in a hot skillet over medium heat until golden brown on both sides, with about two tablespoons butter or a tablespoon vegetable oil.

A lower-fat version of this classic is "grilled" under a broiler for one or two minutes on each side. No need for the butter or oil with this version. The bread will be golden brown and the cheese warm and gooey inside.

Grilled Cheese on an Adventure
Take the classic grilled cheese sandwich on a wild adventure by adding two or three slices of tomato. Or how about a slice of ham or two strips of cooked bacon? Perhaps you would prefer to smear one slice of the bread with mustard, ketchup, or salsa before toasting it.

Jazz up the classic grilled cheese sandwich by changing the cheese from American to cheddar, provolone, or Munster cheese. Monterey jack cheese goes nicely with salsa or mustard.

Get crazy and mix and match different kinds of cheese with different kinds of bread. Try a classic grilled cheese on rye bread, whole wheat, or sourdough. Don't stop with the bread -- use rolls or buns instead.

Grilled Cheese from Foreign Lands
The French call a grilled cheese sandwich with ham a croque monsieur. A monte cristo has chicken instead of ham. The Italians call it panini and the Cubans add a pickle and call it a Cuban sandwich.

To make a croque monsieur, butter two slices of white bread and spread your favorite mustard on one slice. Add a piece of ham and top it with the other buttered slice. Place the sandwich under the broiler and cook until golden brown. Flip the sandwich over and when the second side is just turning brown, sprinkle it with grated Gruyère cheese. Return it to the broiler until the cheese starts to bubble.

The monte cristo is made the same way, except substitute the ham with thinly sliced chicken breast. Use Swiss cheese instead of Gruyère cheese.

An Italian panini is a grilled cheese sandwich that may be cooked using the smooth side of a waffle iron. Press the sandwich between the two irons to flatten and toast it at the same time.

The Cuban grilled cheese is made with Cuban bread or a French baguette. Spread the inside of the bread or baguette with butter and mustard, layer with a slice of ham, Swiss cheese, sliced roast pork, and a thin slice of dill pickle. Wrap the sandwich in aluminum foil and use two cast iron skillets or a waffle iron to compress it while heating.

If you use the two cast iron skillets, heat one over medium heat and place the wrapped sandwich in it. Set the second skillet on top of the sandwich and press down. Turn the sandwich over and repeat until warm and crunchy.

However you slice them, grilled cheese sandwiches are winners!