Time to Bring Plants Indoors

Be sure to bring your plants indoors before the first frost.

by FamilyTime


When the spring sunshine beckons, we carry our houseplants outside to live on the deck or patio all summer. Don't forget about these good friends when the days get cooler.

If you have not already done so, bring them inside for the winter. This is particularly important if frost threatens; the first one will kill most houseplants.

Check Their Health

Before you bring the plant indoors, make sure it is healthy. Check for bugs, mold, or any other infestation. Read about how to take care of each problem, or talk to the nursery. Wipe the leaves clean with a mild solution of water and dish soap if you notice anything suspicious.

Wipe the outside of the pot, too. Remove any leaf litter in the pot and discard it outside.

Repot any plants that have grown too large for their pots. Use fresh potting soil and clean pots when you do.

Be Gentle

Plants don't like extreme changes of temperature. They are used to being outside and so coming back indoors can be a shock to them. Let them acclimate in a cool environment before being exposed to the dry, warm air of the house.

Carry them inside and put them in a cool part of the house for a few days. This could be a partially heated garage, a cool sunroom, or a mud room.

Feed and Water Them

Unless it's very dry where you live, wait a few days before watering any houseplants that are new to the indoors. Give them a few days to dry out and then water them thoroughly.

Feed the plants, too, once they are indoors. They will need this extra nutrition during their time inside.

Enjoy your plants all winter and when spring comes around again, they will be ready for their summer vacation outdoors.