Get a Jump on Moving Day

The more organized you are before you pack up your valuables or welcome the movers into the house, the better off you will be on moving day.

By FamilyTime

 Moving? The more time you spend organizing your belongings before the move, the more time and energy you will save.

Weeding Out
Weed out what you don't want, use, or need. Give unwanted items away to family, friends, or charity; throw away anything that is broken. Be selective.

This will help reduce the stress of the move and start you on the way to becoming organized.

Evaluate What is Left
Take inventory of what furniture, drapes, rugs, lamps, equipment, and storage systems you want to move into the new house. Build on what worked and commit to change what did not.

Think about how you might store or place these things in your new home. Take measurements of furniture and other items.

Floor Plan
Request a copy of the floor plan from the real estate agent or homeowner. If one is not available, ask for access to the house and draw one using graph paper. Indicate any openings, obstructions, doors, windows, cutouts, vents, and floor boards.

Mark where you want to place your existing furniture. Take into account all measurements to ensure that everything will fit. Note this information on the floor layout so that you can tell movers where things go.

Final Preparations
Get packing boxes and packing materials from the moving company or local office or home-supply store.

Even if the movers are packing for you, you probably will want to pack your most precious items. Mark all boxes with a bold marker and color-coded adhesive dots to indicate in what room they belong.

Segregate clothing, toiletries, and any other necessities you will need during the first few days in your new home. This includes financial records, checkbook, and address book.