Ice Cream Cone Cakes

A cake instead of ice cream in a cone? Why not? They're fun and delicious!

By FamilyTime

 Ice cream cones are not just for ice cream any longer. Waffle cones with flat bottoms have graduated to baking, and are doing very well, thank you.

The fun comes with baking a cake right in the cone and then decorating it to look like an ice cream cone. Plus, these cones are drip proof.

Simple Pleasures
Make these simple cakes-in-cones with your favorite box mix and storebought waffle cones.

Check the cones to make sure the bottoms are even so that they won't wobble in the pan. Choose those with the smoothest bases. Once they are filled with batter, the weight will stabilize them further.

Before you begin, move the oven rack to the bottom third of the oven s to give the cones enough room to stand upright in the oven. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. It will need approximately 20 minutes to preheat.

Mix the batter according to the directions on the box. Spoon enough batter into the cones to fill them three-quarters of way. One standard-sized cake mix will fill 25 or 30 cones.

Take care not to overfill the cones. Too much batter will crack the cone in the oven and the batter will ooze down the sides.

Once they are filled, set the cones upright in a shallow aluminum-lined baking pan with 2-inch-high sides. Leave about 2 inches between each one.

Take care when transferring the pan to the oven. As stable as the cones may seem, you don't want them tipping over. While the kids can handle all tasks up to this point, this is something an adult should oversee.

Bake the cones for about 30 minutes until the cakes are lightly browned and risen.

Carefully pull the baking pan from the oven (Mom should do this!) and let the cake-filled cones cool completely before decorating.

Decorating the Cakes Like Cones
To make the ice cream cones look like the real thing, use a little frosting and decorations and a lot of imagination.

For instance, bake chocolate cakes and top them with vanilla frosting. Decorate the frosting, which resembles marshmallow sauce on "chocolate ice cream," with sprinkles and then put a cherry on top!

If a cone breaks during baking, salvage it by laying it on its side, once it's cooled, and decorating it. The cone's cake can be a face and the top can be decorated as a hat.

Ice Cream Ideas
Use white cake and frost it with chocolate frosting. Mini marshmallows and pink spinkles dress up this "fudge-topped ice cream cone."

Spread white or chocolate cake with vanilla icing and drizzle it with chocolate syrup. Scatter the syrup with chopped peanuts and top with a cherry.

Bake strawberry cake inside the cones, top them with pretty pink strawberry frosting and perhaps a sliced strawberry.

Older kids might want to take the decorating a step further. Fill a pastry bag fitted with a star tip with frosting. Pipe the frosting over the top of the cake so that it looks like "real ice cream." This is most easily done by piping the frosting from the outside edge of the cone cake and working your way to the center.

Decorate these ice cream cone cakes with any color or flavor of frosting. Mix a little food coloring into vanilla frosting to create wild hues. Finish the cones with sprinkles, syrups, chopped nuts, and even whipped cream. Don't forget the cherry on top!