Snow Cone Pinecone Snowmen!

Kids will have a ton of fun building a town of pinecone snowmen and women.

By Kathy Oberman


Make these adorable little pinecone snow people with the kids.

What You Need
You will need: small pinecones to form the body, small wooden beads for a head, skewers or small twigs for arms and ski poles, orange tooth picks for carrot noses, black fine tip magic marker, scissors, felt, sequins, small beads, small pom poms, buttons, glue, fabric glue, white and light blue paint, Popsicle sticks for snow shoes and skis.

How to Start
Paint the pinecones, wooden beads and skewers or twigs white with craft paint. Pinecones can be spray painted white by a parent. Popsicle sticks should be painted light blue or any color you desire for skis. Allow them to dry for an hour.

Meanwhile, cut out small cone shaped hats and scarves from the felt. To make a hat, cut a small triangle, curl it with your hands into a cone shape and glue the seams with fabric glue.

How to Assemble the Pinecone People
Draw two eyes on the white wooden bead with a fine point black marker. Snap off the end of an orange toothpick and attach it with glue for a nose. Now squeeze a small amount of glue into the hole of the bead and slip it over the top of the painted pinecone tip.

Turn the pinecones into people with arms, skis, ski poles and snowshoes. Snap the white skewers or twigs into equal lengths for arms and then for ski poles. Glue the arms onto either side of the pinecone. Glue buttons to the bottom of the ski poles and glue ski poles to the arms.

Give the pinecone people boots, skis, or snowshoes. Glue two Popsicle sticks to the bottom of the pinecone for skis or glue two lollypops (candy facing forwards) under the pinecone. You can cut foot, shaped felt for boots and glue those to the bottom of the pinecone, too!

Dress Up Your Snow Cone Pinecone Snowmen
Have fun with your little snow cone pinecone people and dress them to the nines! Decorate the hats with sequins and small beads. Glue on pom poms to the top of each hat.

Keep your snow cone people warm; glue scarves to their necks. You can glue small buttons down the front of your pinecone person and/or cut out a jacket from your leftover felt.

Have fun and let your imagination go wild!