Homemade Puppets for a Big Show!

Use ordinary brown paper bags to make these delightful puppets. Let the show begin!

By FamilyTime

 With a stack of brown paper bags -- the kind you pack lunches in -- and a few art supplies, your kids can make these amusing creatures. And more!

Transformation Equipment
Children's imaginations naturally run wild, and so creating characters for these puppets will appeal to them. If they want to put on a play with a real story, encourage them to imitate characters from a book or create their own characters.

On the other hand, they can make animal or "creature" puppets and create a story around them.

To get started, assemble the paper lunch bags, construction paper, markers, crayons, craft glue, pom poms of various size, and jiggle eyes. All these are found at craft stores and department stores.

Set up an area where the kids can work. Cover the table and the floor with plastic or paer to protect it from glue and spills.

Let the Fun Begin
To make the paper bag puppet, attach eyes, ears, nose, and a tongue to the folded bottom of the bag with glue.

Transform these bags into dogs, raccoons, or green monsters with construction paper.

Using a series of descending sized circles of black, white, and black paper for the eyes, red for a tongue and black for ears.

To make the monster, glue green pom poms to the body of the bag. Attach jiggly eyes to green and black oblong circles cut from construction paper to the bottom of the bag. Cut out freaky arms and antennas from green construction paper and glue them to the sides and top of the bag, while it's still folded.

Use markers and crayons to decorate the bags. This will appeal particularly to younger kids.

Set the Stage
No puppet show is complete without a stage. Dinning room tables, kitchen tables, and coffee tables for little ones, work well. The tables will provide an area for the kids to hide beneath while performing.

For fancier stages, construct a curtained area from a large cardboard box and construction paper.

Turn the box on its side and remove the sidewalls and top of the box. This will leave the bottom of the box standing upright with the last remaining side for the support. Use a box cutter or scissors to cut out the box bottom and leave a frame to which you can glue curtains cut from construction paper.

The kids will enjoy hours of impromptu fun. Or, plan a family get-together for the performance complete with a special dinner!