Gifts for the Graduate

Use your imagination to select just the right gift for the graduate.

by FamilyTime

 Congratulations! Your son or daughter is graduating! This accomplishment makes parents proud of their offspring and most want to mark the occasion with a gift.

But what to get?

Start with the Graduate
Consider the likes and dislikes of your child or grandchild, niece, nephew or family friend. Is she sports oriented? Would he appreciate an engraved fountain pen or picture frame? A piece of jewelry or a watch? Would she be thrilled with concert tickets or a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant?

At first you may think the graduate "has everything" -- and let's face it: many kids do! But with a little imagination and help from our list of ideas, it's easy to find a gift that demonstrates just how proud you are of the graduating senior.

Gift Ideas

baseball tickets



cell phone

charging station for phones, iPods, etc.

clothing with the graduate's college logo

concert tickets

cuff links

engraved locket or bracelet

film camera

gift certificate

golf clubs

greens fees


high-end key chain

iPad or another tablet

iPod docking system

Kindle or Nook


movie passes

picture frames

plane tickets

restaurant gift certificate

share(s) of stock

silver money clip

Swiss army knife

tennis racket

tennis lessons

travel backpack

turntable for vinyl records


underwater camera

video camera


Xbox games

Some of the above items are reasonably priced (picture frames, movie passes) while others are more extravagant (plane tickets, tablets). Gifts such as restaurant gift cards, headphones, and electronics can range wildly in price depending on what you want to spend. Jewelry and watches run the gamut, too, when it comes to price. And of course, a new car (preowned or not) is expensive.

The choice is yours. There are sites, easily found through Google or another search engine, that offer hundreds of ideas for graduates. These might help you in your search or they may offer too many options.

Whatever you decide to give your son or daughter, grandchild, niece, nephew or godchild, the best gift will the the memories they hold in their hearts -- and those you hold in yours.