Edible! Valentine's Day Cards

Turn simple ingredients into edible, brightly colored, even outrageous Valentine's Day cards!

By Kathy Oberman

 A mere graham cracker and a little icing are all kids need to make enticing, edible Valentine's Day cards for each other and for you!

Chances are your kitchen is already stocked with graham crackers and the fixings for simple white icing. Add food coloring and you're more than half way there. Pastry bags and tips help, but are not essential. A butter knife or small off-set spatula will make the job easy.

For fancy Valentines, stock up on red or white decorating icing, paste food colors (which produce more intense hues than liquid), pink or red sprinkles, heart-shaped cinnamon candies, chocolate kisses, red and pink gummy candies and pastel sugar hearts.

Color me Valentine's Day
Get to work and have fun! These edible cards are so pleasurable to make, you and the kids will find time flying by as you create and design them.

If you make your favorite easy white icing, reserve some and color it red and pink. Or tint it another color, if you prefer. How about purple? Lavender? Other colors work with the traditional Valentine's Day hues.

Make the Cards
Begin with a whole graham cracker - both halves intact rather than broken into squares.

With a butter knife or a small offset spatula, coat the entire cracker with white or colored icing. Next, using a pastry bag with a tip or store-bought tubes of decorating icing, pipe a border around the edge of the graham cracker. You can also use a ziploc bag with the corner cut off.

Send a loving message to your Valentine with the tubes of decorating icing or with the help of a pastry tip. Write: "Happy Valentine's Day," "Be My Valentine," "I Love You!" "I Think You're Dreamy," "You're My Sweetheart," or "Be Mine."

Decorate, Decorate!
Decorate the cards with sprinkles, heart-shaped cinnamon candies, little red gummies, and anything else your heart desires.

Cut out a heart-shaped stencil and lay it in the center of an iced graham cracker. Fill the heat with red or pink sprinkles. Lift off the stencil to reveal a perfect heart.

You can also reverse the idea by placing a solid cutout heart on the icing and then dusting the cracker with sprinkles. Pick up the heart stencil and see a perfect heart.

Cut hearts from paper doilies, too, and use them to create designs on the cards.

Click here.
for heart shape stencil.

Wrap and Tie
Once the Valentines are decorated, let them set at room temperature for a few hours so that the icing hardens.

Wrap the Valentines in colorful plastic wrap or cellophane. Tie the package with a few strands of red, white, or pink ribbon or with a big bow. Seperate the cellophane at the top of the bag to create a "poof."

Kids will love giving these to teachers, friends, grandparents, neighbors, and other favorite people.

More Ideas
Ice the graham crackers with peanut butter to cut down on the sugar buzz. Decorate sparingly with icing, sprinkles, and candies. Because many kids have peanut allergies, be mindful of where these Valentines are going. Don't take these to school!

Another fun idea is to use chocolate icing or melted dark, milk, or white chocolate. For a visual treat, tint the melted white chocolate pink or red.

Remember to melt all chocolate over very low heat or in the microwave. White chocolate in particular is temperamental. Stir it while it melts to prevent lumps,

Happy Valentine's Day!