McCormick's "Caribbean" Beef Grill

Ahhh....the Caribbean. Crystal blue water, white beaches, balmy weather and a bounty of fresh, flavorful foods. We've gathered our favorite island-inspired dishes, from Reggae Beef Rub to Honey Lime Mesquite Chicken. Go native with these delicious and bold


Pirates of the Caribbean
Have your own Pirates of the Caribbean party in your own backyard. Purchase pirate paraphernalia at any party supply store. Serve ale (root beer) in frosted mugs. Scatter shells and sand on the table. Have a scavenger hunt to search for buried treasure--a treasure chest filled with golden chocolate coins, candy necklaces, ring pops and sparking fake gems.

More ideas:

    Supply guests with eye patches and bandanas. Make a parrot-shaped cake. Set out a wooden board and have barefoot, blindfolded guests walk the plank into a kiddie pool. Splash!

  • Make a centerpiece with balloons and a skull-and-crossbones flag attached to a treasure chest brimming with costume jewelry, sand and shells.

  • Send out treasure-map invitations. Draw a map to your house on parchment-type paper. X marks the spot!

  • Have a "cannonball" toss. Arrange guests in two rows, facing each other, about 10 feet apart. Toss balloons back and forth and down the rows letting them break.

  • For party favors, pass out plastic hooks, goldfish crackers, patches, bandanas, gold coins, costume jewelry, candy necklaces, ring pops.

      Tropical Retreat
      Think Club Med. But cheaper and a whole lot closer to home. This isn't just a party, it's a day spa for your best buddies. Play Jimmy Buffet and Bob Marley CDs, pass out colorful, frozen tropical drinks, and play limbo. Scatter seashells on the tables and decorate with pink flamingos and coconuts.

      More ideas:

      • If you're lucky enough to have a steel band in your area, sign it up!

      • For total luxury, hire a yoga instructor, massage therapist or spa specialist for massage, aromatherapy, or an invigorating salt rub.

      • Invite guests to wear swimsuits and sarongs. Have some spare suits and wraps for anyone who forgets.