Vegetable Lasagne and Salad

Low-fat lasagne is possible! Just try this delectable meal.

By Irena Chalmers


Everyone loves lasagne and this low-fat version will be particularly well-received.

The lasagne recipe has a long list of ingredients, but all are easily found in the supermarket and the entire dish takes only 10 minutes to assemble. It easily makes enough for eight servings, so if your family is smaller, think of the delicious leftovers! A glass of red wine for the grown-ups would be a nice accompaniment for this satisfying pasta dish.

To round off the easy-to-make meal, serve store-bought lemon sherbet. For some extra panache, cut very thin strips of lemon peel to garnish the sherbet and add a lemon wedge to each serving, too. You could add a crispy butter cookie or two, as well.