Pilgrim Place Cards

These little Pilgrims help everyone find their places at the Thanksgiving table. Making them is half the fun!

 Everyone likes to pitch in and help during the holidays - and no one likes to participate more than excited youngsters. This year, encourage the children in your life to make these adorable place cards.

The smiling Pilgrims are welcoming on the Thanksgiving table, but don't stop here. Once your kids master these, they will want to create other seasonal place cards. How about Santas? Snowmen? Elves?

What You Need
To begin the craft, collect a few supplies. Mainly you need your imagination!

  • An empty 4.23-ounce Libby's Juicy Juice box for each card
  • Black, white, yellow, and brown construction paper
  • 1 pair safety scissors
  • Cellophane tape
  • White craft glue
  • Permanent black marker
  • White marker
How to do it
The first step is to lift up each of the corner flaps at the top of the Juicy Juice box and cut all the way around the box to remove the top. You should now have an open container. Repeat with all the juice boxes. Rinse thoroughly and allow the juice boxes to dry completely.

Next, print out the template provided here. (Click below.)

Pilgrim Boy Template       Pilgrim GirlTemplate

To make one place card, cut a piece of black construction paper so that it is 7 ¼ inches high and 4 ¾ inches wide. Wrap the black construction paper all the way around the box and secure it with a piece of cellophane tape.

Repeat this with each box.

Using the template, trace the pieces of the pilgrim you are creating onto the appropriate colored construction paper. Each color is denoted on the template.

Glue each piece of paper to the box to create a pilgrim, as shown on the template.

Give Them a Name
Personalize each Pilgrim by writing the name of a guest in the appropriate place on each Pilgrim. For example, use a black marker and write a name on the girl's apron. Use a white marker or crayon to write a name on the boy's hat.

Set a Pilgrim at each place setting. The top of the box is missing, so, if you feel festive, put a napkin into the box to decorate it further, or fill each box with candy, nuts, dried fruit, or other goodies. What a lovely treat!

Happy Thanksgiving!