Regain Control of Your Closets

Organize your closets more efficiently by following these tips

By FamilyTime


Have you ever wondered what happened to a favorite sweater only to find it crumpled behind an old pair of shoes? Are you aware that your closets are a mess but can't bear the thought of tackling them? 

We have a few ideas to make the job easier than you expect. And once you've cleaned out one or more closets, you will feel much better!

Make Time
If you want to get the job done, you first have to commit to the time. Begin by straightening one closet at a time. Block off one-hour and two-hour periods in your calendar for small closets and longer blocks of time for larger or messier ones. Go to FamilyTime Calendar to schedule time.

Decide on the Closet's Function
Take inventory of how many closets you have, their locations, and each one's current function. Is it a utility closet, linen closet, coat closet or personal clothes closet? Is it being utilized efficiently? If not, rethink how to use it, keeping in mind that a closet's purpose is to store a particular category of item in a convenient location.

Sort and Purge
Work on one closet at a time, and on only one part of the closet. Label four boxes for sorting: "throw away," "give away," "move elsewhere," and "keep here." As you remove each item, put it in the appropriate box. Be decisive. If the item has not been used in a year or so, toss it or give it away. If it is damaged, throw it out. If it belongs in another closet, make sure it gets there.

Clean and Arrange
When the closet is empty, clean up dust and grime. Repair or add rods, hooks, shelves, and lighting. Store children's items at low levels. Store items you use frequently within one or two feet above or below a straight arm's reach.

Do not pile more than two things on top of each other. Label storage boxes and cartons and make sure drawer openings face outward. Do not waste vertical space.

Closet Maintenance
The hard part is over but the trick is to maintain the closets . Explain to family members that "everything has a home and that is where it should return to."

Plan time at the end of each season to go through the closets. Ask family members what is working and what is not. Then make the necessary adjustments.

Once you get the upper hand on your closets, not only will you feel more organized, your life will be a little easier and a little more rewarding. Nothing wrong with that!