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We have five tried-and-true ways to keep warm this winter

By FamilyTime


Your house is your comfort zone, the place you expect to feel all warm and cozy, safe from the world and ready to recharge. So, why turn down your thermostat this winter? Who wants a cold, drafty house

No one! But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to save money and energy by lowering the thermostat. The experts agree that for every degree you shave off your home’s interior temperature, you save at least 1% in overall heating costs.

Here are five old-school ideas for staying warm in your house or apartment this winter. They may be low tech, but they work!

  1. Wear socks and sweaters. Warm feet are critical to feeling warm all over, and a soft, snuggly sweater (not too bulky) keeps the drafts at bay.
  2. Buy a space heater or two. It’s less expensive to supplement the heat in a small space with a space heater than to jack up the thermostat and blast heat throughout the house. (Of course, if your family is spread out all over the house, a single space heater won’t help much.) Be sure the space heater is safe. Oil-filled ones are good bets.
  3. Use hot water bottles to warm up beds. Your kids will love these old-fashioned bags tucked under the covers where their feet go. The warm sheets and warm tootsies will help them drift off. (Remove the bottles before they get cold.) Heating pads and electric blankets do the trick, too, but heating pads should not be plugged in for very long. Save them for grownups.
  4. Invest in a good humidifier — or even one connected to the furnace. They don’t add heat but the moisture makes you feel a lot better and even warmer.
  5. Rely on the sun. During the day, open the drapes or blinds and let the sun shine in. This is most effective with south-facing windows. Draw the curtains again when the sun goes down.

Good comforters on beds, warm, healthful food, and enough exercise all help to keep the winter blues at bay. And let’s face it, if you’re toasty warm, winter is that much more tolerable.