Got Questions?

What is the FAMILYTIME Affiliate Network?
As a partner in the FAMILYTIME Affiliate Network, you can make money by encouraging your customers to register for the Save Time, Save Money FAMILYTIME service!

Does it cost me anything to join?

No. Not one penny!

Do I have to have a big Website to join?

Not at all. We accept applications from any Website regardless of size. Sometimes our best partners have small Websites! It's simply about what you do with it.

What's in it for me?
MONEY - potentially lots! Every time one of your customers registers for FAMILYTIME after clicking on one of your links, you get a one time referral fee of $.75 Register more than 50 members and get a one time referral fee of $1.00.

Is there a limit on how much I can make?
No. Your earning potential is unlimited.

How often will I get paid?
will pay you on a monthly basis for all valid registrations.

What is a valid registration?
A valid registered member (the kind that earns you money) is someone who completes and submits a FAMILYTIME registration form and is confirmed by e-mail.

What are "Impressions" and "Clickthroughs"?

An "Impression" occurs when one of your customers sees one of our promotional links on your site. "Clickthrough" means one of your customers took action and clicked on one of the FAMILYTIME promotional links.

How does FAMILYTIME track impressions, clickthroughs, and valid registrations?

Once you put a FAMILYTIME promotional link on your site with our special HTML, tracking is a snap! Embedded in that HTML is a unique identifier that we use to identify all referrals coming from your site.

How do I get my viewers to click on the FAMILYTIME links?
There are lots of ways! First, put up more than one link - and put the FAMILYTIME links in prominent places. Place these links in context by sharing with your users a personal testimonial. Also, it has been found that links placed on the lower right corner of pages get more clicks. Keeping the creative fresh is critical, too. FAMILYTIME is always working to develop and test new banner and button concepts. We only share the best ones - the ones proven to work - with you.

Where can I get the FAMILYTIME promotional links and graphics?

Once you join the program, go to to pick and choose from an exciting, fresh array of promotional links. Keep in mind that FAMILYTIME is constantly developing and testing new banner and button concepts and we only share the best ones with you!

Other than FAMILYTIME membership, what other kinds of FAMILYTIME products or services can I promote on my site?

In the coming months, FAMILYTIME will be offering an exciting array of new products and services that you will be able to promote to make even more money!

Is knowing HTML a requirement? Will I need a programmer?
No, you do not need to know HTML. Just cut and paste the HTML, that we provide you, onto your site. That's all that it takes!

This sounds like the easy way to make money! How do I join?
Simply go to and complete the application.

Once I join, how do I get my promotional links and reports?
After you've been accepted to the FAMILYTIME Affiliate Network, go to, log in and get your promotional links. After you publish those links to your site, you can also go there to see how the promotions are doing.

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