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Welcome! Consider the Front Door

Welcome! Consider the Front Door

A little attention to your front door means a lot to those you welcome.

By FamilyTime

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Your front door speaks to everyone who approaches your home. It is your silent way of saying, “Welcome!"

If you want your house to be as welcoming as you are, take time to spruce up your front entry. This may mean paying attention to the door.

The Front Door
The door is the portal to your home. Few things change the way people perceive your house more than dressing up that door.

Dressing up the door might mean painting it, changing the hardware, or buying an entire new door. Or it may be as simple as washing the door and polishing the glass and door knob.

If you decide to replace your door, take the house in account. You may love the dark mahogany doors with leaded glass panes manufacturer’s make these days, but if your house is a simple cape or farmhouse, the door will look out of place.

Think about changing your door’s color. Be bold! Drive around the neighborhood and see what your neighbors have done. Take a picture of your house, make copies, and overlay doors with different colors. Ask the pros at the paint store to help you select the right color once you have a good idea.

The Doorway
If the front stoop or deck needs a coat of paint, roll up your sleeves and get busy once the weather cooperates.

If the paint on the door and the porch is spotted with dark blotches, it could just need a good wash with a mild bleach solution to rid it if mildew and other grime.

Repair any cracks in the steps or broken banisters or railings. If you have a chair or table on the front porch, make sure it is in good repair. 

Repair or replace the light fixtures, if necessary. A bright new door light will greet visitors cheerfully and add to their safety.

Buy a new doormat for the front porch. This, too, says “Welcome!"

Hang a grapevine wreath or another pretty decoration on the door. Or how about a shiny new door knocker to say to anyone who approaches your house, “Please, let us know you are here. You are our welcome guest!”


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