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Ghosts in the House!

Ghosts in the House!

These friendly ghosts will fly happily through your house on Halloween.

By FamilyTime

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This year, have fun making your own Halloween decorations with the kids. We think you'll agree that these happy ghosts add charm and playfulness to the holiday.

It takes only a trip to the local craft store to stock on the supplies necessary to make the ghosts. A lot of the material might already be on hand.

What You Need
White sheets form the bodies of the ghosts and styrofoam balls form the heads. If you don't plan to keep the ghosts until next year, you could use white tissue paper instead of sheets. We used balls of the same size, but you could buy several different sizes for ghosts of various sizes.

You also will need glue-on googly eyes, colorful furry pipecleaners and felt, bead-headed straight pins, rubber bands, ribbon, and raffia.

Craft glue and staples finish off the shopping list. They are all you will need to affix the decorations to the ghosts.

Let's Begin
Cut the sheet into squares that measure approximately two feet square for a baseball-sized styrofoam ball. Be generous; you always need more fabric than you think.

Drape a square over a styrofoam head and secure the neck with a rubber band. You are now ready to decorate!

It's a good idea to sketch a few ideas for faces, hats, and ribbons. Kids can do this with crayons or colored pencils, if they like.

Once the heads are formed, start with the faces. Glue on googly eyes, or cut eyes from felt. Form noses and mouths from felt or pipecleaners.

We used a plastic cube for a nose on our scarecrow ghost, and for our hatless fellow, lined up a crescent of red bead-headed straight pins for the mouth

Form hats from felt. Wrap it around the head and staple it together and to the styrofoam. These can be free-form and folded every which-way to make the statement you're after. We like high, cone-shaped hats for our ghosts. If you want, insert a bunch of raffia or similar material inside a hat to represent hair.

Finally, tie a ribbon around the neck to hide the rubberband. The bows give these ghosts a jauntiness that adds to their friendliness.

Perch the ghosts on bookshelves, newel posts, potted plants and elsewhere around the house. They are cute outside on the front porch, waiting to greet trick 'r treaters.

Use a needle to thread a long piece of white thread or plastic fishing line through the top of the ghosts' heads or hats. Hang them from window sills, chandeliers, or ceilings so that they seem to fly through the house.

You can also hang them outside on trees or porches. Don't expect these guys to make it through a rainstorm, however.

Happy Halloween!

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