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Have You Done This?

Have You Done This?

We have five suggestions for making sure both you and your house are ready for winter.

By FamilyTime

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Many of us live in regions where dropping temperatures means its time to turn on the furnace, close the windows, and hunker down until warm weather arrives again. Here are five things to do this fall to make sure you are ready for the long, cold winter to come.

Lock Your Windows: Even the most efficient windows are only effective if their seals hold. The best way to insure this is to lock them so that they are as tight in their frames as possible. If your windows are a little drafty, locking them will insure they are as tight as they can be, too. If you have storm windows, pull them down or install them.

Change Your Filter: Many furnaces have filters. These should be changed two or three times during the winter — or more often. Filters are inexpensive and easy to find at any hardware store. Know the size before you go by checking the filter in the furnace now.

Touch up Paint: Walk around the outside of the house with a can of outdoor trim paint. Paint over significant gashes, flaking or peeling. You may have to consider getting the house painted in the spring, but this should help get you through the winter without damage to the wood.

Clear Out the Garage: You may have been parking the car outside during the balmy weather but you will probably want to use the garage now that it’s gotten colder. Make sure there is room in the garage for the car — and make sure the garage door opener still works. Don’t leave either check for the first snowstorm!

Clean the Gutters: Fall is the time gutters are apt to get the most clogged because of falling leaves. Haul out the ladder or climb on the roof. All you need is a pair of thick gloves to scoop debris from the gutters and insure they won’t overflow and cause problems this winter.

All set! Let those winter winds howl.

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