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How to Drive in the Snow

How to Drive in the Snow

Driving in the snow is always a challenge. Be safe!

By FamilyTime

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Most of us would rather stay home when the roads are covered with the white stuff, but many of us don't have that option. We have to drive in the snow.

Before you go, think safety.

When a storm is predicted....

Fill up the car with gasoline. Check the air pressure in the tires. If the tires are bald, consider new tires.

Make sure the windshield washer fluid reservoir is topped off. Check that the windshield wipers are in good condition.

Every car should be equipped with a good scraper, a small shovel, a bag of sand or kitty litter (in case you need it for traction), a blanket, and a working flashlight.

Be sure your cell phone is charged and with you.

When the storm hits.....

If you must drive during the storm, turn on the car and activate the defrost. Scrape the windows and outside mirrors. 

You might damage the windshield wiper blades if you run them over an icy windshield. Do not turn them on until you have scraped. 

Keep the defrost and heat on while driving.

Accelerate gently and then maintain a sensible speed so that you don't lose traction. Do not drive too fast!

Keep a very safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.  Slow down sooner than you would on a dry road. Slow down before a curve.

Do not pump antilock brakes but push them firmly. If you have four-wheel drive, don't believe it will help you stop on ice and snow. Take all precautions.

Do not stop in the middle of an intersection. Wait to traverse it until it's clear.

After the storm....

If your car is covered with snow, clean it thoroughly. Don't leave snow on the roof or hood. It can fly off while you drive and be hazardous.

Dig snow away from the wheels to make it easy to get going and achieve traction. 

If the roads are still snow covered, practice the safety tips above for driving in a storm. Even if they are plowed and covered with sand or salt, take care. There could be icy patches.

If you get stuck, do not spin the wheels. Rock the car gently. Dig out around the wheels. Try getting traction with some sand or kitty litter under the wheels.

If all else fails, call for help. Keep warm with the blanket. Do not leave your car unless you are certain shelter is nearby.

Take sensible precautions and you will get where you are going safe and sound!


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