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Give Mom a Spa Day - at Home

Give Mom a Spa Day - at Home

Even the most active mother can use some pampering -- and even small kids can make sure she gets it!

By FamilyTime

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Your mom may not think she needs a day at the spa. But a few hours to herself for some well-deserved pampering may be just the ticket!

We're not talking about an expensive day at the local beauty emporium. We're talking about a steamy, fragrant bath, some homemade bath salts, and a few other goodies to make an afternoon or evening of luxury just perfect.

The Spa Basket
Buy or borrow a generous wicker basket. Fill it with products for aroma therapy and good, old-fashioned relaxation.

A new, colorful and very plush terry wash cloth, lavendar or rosewater soap, a scented candle, fragrant after-bath body mist, and a CD of classical or new-age music will turn the basket into a one-way passport to indulgence.

Add a favorite novel or magazine. And don't forget the homemade bath salts!

Homemade Bath Salts
These will be Mom's favorite part of the spa basket. It's easy to make them -- Dad or an older sibling can help the younger children make Mom her own jar of customized bath salts.

Begin with a large clean and dry, pretty glass jar with a cork stopper or metal screw lid. Our recipe makes three cups of salts, so you may need more than one jar.

Glue some colorful fabric on the lid and cut a ribbon to tie around the neck of the jar. Set this aside to fill when the salts are made.

Make the salts at least a day ahead of time to give them time to mellow. It's fine to make them a week or more ahead of time; they will not go bad!

To make the bath salts, you will need Epsom's salt as well as sea salt, rock salt, or coarse (kosher) salt. These salts are sold in supermarkets. Epsom's salt is also sold in pharmacies.

You also will need food coloring, an "essential oil" such as vanilla, orange, lemon, or mint, and glycerin. The food coloring is easy to find in the supermarket. You should also be able to find the oils there (look in the fancy food department), but if not, they are sold in gourmet shops. Glycerin is sold in pharmacies.

Mom's Favorite Bath Salts
Makes about 3 cups

2 cups Epsom's salt
1 cup sea salt or coarse salt
4 to 5 drops food coloring (your mom's favorite color)
¼ teaspoon glycerin
4 to 5 drops essential oil (vanilla, orange, lemon, mint)

Pour the salts into a large mixing bowl and stir with a big spoon. Add a few drops of food coloring and stir until evenly tinted.

Add the glycerin and oil and stir really well.

Spoon the salts into the jar (or jars) and seal.

Write a label for the jar, instructing Mom to use about ½ cup of salts for a fragrant and soothing bath!

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