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Chicken and Rice Menu

Chicken and Rice Menu

A quick and easy weeknight meal.

By FamilyTime

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Some tricks of the trade for this meal plan:
Let the chicken brown to a golden turn in the pan. Keep the heat low enough so that it does not spatter or scorch.
Add a quick green salad with some ranch dressing. Use a combination of salad greens. Sturdy ones, such as romaine and red oak, stand up best to creamy ranch dressing. Toss some sliced radishes, red peppers, carrots, or cucumbers into the salad for more interest, textures, and flavors.
Chill the mixing bowl, beaters, and cream before beating the cream for the best results when making the parfaits.

Enjoy the meal! Just about everyone likes chicken and rice! You won't get any complaints when you serve this.

For recipes, see the box to the right.

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