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Organize Your Home Office!

Organize Your Home Office!

By FamilyTime

An efficiently organized office saves time and money.

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If your office is a mess, with piles of paper stacked on the desk and on the floor, it is time to take control.

Unless you are someone who truly operates best in a messy environment, getting your home office organized will make you feel better and — more importantly — allow you to function more efficiently and productively, thus saving time and money.

Here are five of the best things you can do for this essential space.

  1. Sort through papers: Set aside a few hours to go through every pile of paper in your office. Sort them into three categories: file; shred; recycle. (See Number 2 for how to file.)
  2. Set up a filing system: If you don’t already have a file cabinet, buy one. Also invest in a hanging file for current projects. Most of the information for your work may be on your hard drive, but without doubt there is still paperwork. Create categories for hanging files (bills; contracts; taxes; etc.) and then clearly mark the folders that will go in the hanging files and file drawers.
  3. Get rid of unused items: Once you clear away the papers, you might find all sorts of things you haven’t really “seen” in while. Again, make a few piles for items you want to keep; to discard; to recycle; to donate; to move to another room. These things might be as small as a broken stapler and dried-out pens, or as large as an old printer or pile of outdated manuals.
  4. Think vertically: Consider installing floor to ceiling bookshelves or buying stackable bins. Arrange those items you use infrequently on high or low shelves and those you use often in the middle. When you organize your books on bookshelves and your supplies in attractive baskets and bins, your office starts to look — and feel — organized.
  5. Think “pending” to “file”: Get in the habit of keeping a pending file for projects that are in the early stages. Move the information to an active file when you’re working on the project, and finally file away any pertinent paperwork once you are done. If you get in the habit of moving your files along, rather than letting them pile up, you are a long way to maintaining an organized office.

Take before and after pictures of the office to serve as inspiration. Set aside time every day or every week to get on top of your paperwork and other office clutter. A little attention on a regular basis will alleviate the need for major overhauls.

True efficiency saves you time, and when you are well organized, it’s easier to be productive.

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