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Beef Diablo Crockpot

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Yes (18/22)

I love beef and this looks great. Thank you!

The recipe was easy because of the limited amount of ingredients, however it would even have been better if the ingredient list would have been put in the order of assembly.

I normally think that things done in a crockpot everything tastes the same. This one had wonderful flavor. It got a 10 from my husband. I will make it again.

Very easy to make.

The roast was very tender & my husband loved it. Will make this again. Thank you

Loved this. This recipe will be one of our favorites. Thanks

This is a very good recipe. Especially for the person(s) who like their food a little bit spicy.

A simple crock pot dinner. Very tender. Would be helpful to have nutritional content on all recipes on this sight.

I think I would add some carrots to this dish.

This recipe is so easy to throw together, especially would recommend working women to try. Make it up before you leave the house and when you come home the aroma is to die for. Have used it numerous times and its always a favorite. My husband asks for it often. Have made it with wide noodles, mashed potatoes and even rice. I do add more liguid as it makes a delicious gravy.

My family loved it! They can be pretty picky.

I think 10 - 12 hours on low was too much for this dish. I made this last night and after 9.5 hrs the beef was totally dried out and the potatoes were like leather. There wasn't as much "diablo" to the beef as it seemed there should be. Needed salt and pepper to liven up.

This dish was a little too bland for me. I think it would have been better if the beef had been seasoned with salt, black pepper, and garlic pepper.

The recipe was good and easy. However, it was a bit bland. It needed a little more spice (such as salt and pepper) and maybe a beef cube.

This is a great and easy recipe. We love it! Thank you

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