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Alaska Salmon, Beans & Rice Wrap

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Thanks for the picture or I would not have entered to check it out -

This recipe is excellent, very nutritional, easy to make- this way kids will eat more fish.

I would probably use fresh salmon instead of canned salmon.

I thought it would be hard to get my 10 year old son to eat salmon, but he loved the wrap! I also tested it out on my boyfriend and it will now be a regular dish in our household.

What an easy, healthy recipe! A great replacement for the fish tacos I make. The ingredients are easily located. The directions are time efficient; making a tasty meal in no time. Great for family. Great for company. Making the Alaska Salmon, Rice and Beans recipe will also make wonderful, quick lunches by freezing them all prepared and ready to be heated with fresh fruit or salad. Thank you for a #1 recipe.

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