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Perfect Pancakes

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I really shouldn't even give it one star since I didn't make the pancakes because the ingredient listing does not mention eggs, but the directions indicate eggs are required.

This comment is to the Family Time web managers: You need to review this recipe and correct it. The ingredient list does not include egg, but the instructions say to whisk the egg and milk. Also, it seems like the milk-to-flour ratio is to high (too much milk, not enough flour). These recipes should be tested by somebody (or at least proofread) before being posted to the website.

I guess it's supposed to be one egg -- I hope this recipe is taken down until it's fixed.

It would be nice if you included all the ingredients. Because you don't have eggs in ingredients but you do in the instructions.

Very runny batter. You have to cook one at a time in a small pan. The taste was just average.

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