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McCormick® Easy Mini Cheesecakes

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Somewhat Easy
Yes (26/26)
I love cheesecake but often don't make it because I only have a recipe for a 9 inch one but this is great... just the right size. Thank You

This is a very easy and stylish dessert good to fix on any occasion. Thanks I love this place.

I enjoyed making this desert, although it turned out nothing like the picture above.

DELICIOUS/Great for picnics, parties, get-togethers. ANYTIME-ANYWHERE!

About 5 years ago my sister made the recipe above the family loved it! I have been looking for the recipe for about three years it is to good thank you for letting me find it again!

I love cheese cakes and these were really very good.

I will just love this one. I will make it.

I have had this recipe for better than 20 years. My family loves them. Everyone gets cheesecake with their favorite fruit filling.

In teaching my children to cook, this is a family fun activity too.

People are more apt to eat this then the typical large chesse cake, as they don't feel their eating something with lots of calories. I used non- fat cream cheese and egg beaters making it - still delicious.

De Ann
This has been one of my recipes for many years. Nice to see it getting out there to lots of people. The question is always "How do you get the cake in the bottom?"

This is an easy way to make an impressive dessert. This is definitely a keeper.

Fast and easy dessert.

Extremely easy, my family loves them!

I topped it with a frozen raspberry and a sprig of mint and my guests said it was the best cheesecake they've ever had. Thanks for the great recipe.

My family loves this dessert. I made it for a freind's party and top the fruit with whip cream. We have also used Caramel topping on it for a different taste.

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