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Chicken Breasts with Creamy Vegetable Topping

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I made this recipe on evening when I was entertaining guests. I was a little nervous about trying a dish out on guests before I had a chance to test it, but looked and sounded perfect for the evening. Well, not only were my guests delighted with the meal, but they were amazed at how easy it was to prepare, as they had come early and I prepared it as we visited. Thanks for the great recipe!

Excellent choice for internet recipe. Very delicious.

My family loved this dish! It was very easy to prepare and was a winner all the way around.


Great recipe! You can also get creative with the vegies you add. Thank you.

I have made this meal for about a dozen people and all of them loved it. The best thing, I thought, was all of the people that I made it for were picky eaters. ~ My secret don't tell them what they're eating until after it's gone! :o)

The topping was very tasty, however, the chicken was mostly bland. More than likely will not make it again!

This recipe is one of my favorites to cook for my two young children. I let them help me cook this recipe by grating the carrot and also dicing the onion. When we make this, we NEVER have any left over!!!!


Chicken is one of our favorite meals. You have given us another wonderful recipe on preparing it. Thanks a million.

My family couldn't get enough!!! Absolutely delicous!!

This was a very easy recipe. It was easy to follow, and was just simply yummy! I will make it over and over.

Instead of cream cheese...I used sour cream.

Thank You! Yavor

Nice recipe, with ingredients that we always have on hand!

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