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Lemonade Party Cake

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I also used whipped cream in place of frosting for a lighter cooler cake!

Just tried this lemonaide cake,loved it.i have been making a cake like this,except,I use a Bundt pan.I coat the pan with shortening then pour sugar all arond the pan,then dump thr sugar.I let the cake cool then mix the lemone aide with the powdered sugar,but I also use 2 tablespoons of melted butter or margarine.I poke wholes all around with a straw,pour the lemonaide mixture over the cake.Let it sit for about 10 minutes,turn it out onto the cake plate and let the bundt pan sit on top for 10 minutes.

I made this for a party of 80. I had to make multiple copies to give out. I did use a cream cheese lemon icing that made it even more special.

This was a hit at our summer party. It was just the right flavor for after a BBQ dinner. The lemonade poured over the cake gave it a moist, lemony taste that added enough zing without being bitter. Would make this again!

cool, yummy, easy!!!!

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