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Fanny Fanwick's Famous Pot Roast

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Perfect Crock Pot recipe as well. Can add any other ingredients you wish and great for any dining occasion.

it was very good

Easy, quick and very delicious. I made this in my Crock Pot which ena bles you to take off, forget about it and it is ready when you return.

I have been making this dish or a dish similiar to this for many years. I use dehydrated onion soup mix instead of onions. I know it does add a little more salt, but with the water it disapates and is not salty, and it's easier than peeling three pounds of onions. However,some people would rather the real thing. I also have done this in the oven in foil, and the onion soup mix but it takes a little longer. My favorite way to make this dish is in the slow cooker.

Unfortunatly, you are required to cook from the picture. Carrots and other expected vegetables are not mentioned in the recipe.

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